We know that for some of our cats, for whatever reason will never be adopted  and that some of our supporters, for whatever reason, may not be able to adopt one of our cats, but would like to help them out; that is why we have a Virtual Purr Pals Program!   How it Works:

*$20 a month will sponsor a cat.

Choose a cat below that you would like to sponsor below and click on the 'subscribe' button to the right of them. You will receive updates and pictures of your 'Virtual Pet'.

You can cancel your sponsorship at anytime.

*If you would like to contribute a different amount or make a one time donation  to one of the kitties, just click the donation button at the  bottom of the page.

Please contact if you have questions or need assistance with the Virtual Purr Pals program.

*Picture of Subscribe Buttons are Below*

Our Available Virtual Purr Pals

Libby came to APW last year with her brother Levi and 2 other cats from her colony, possibly her Mother. She is still very scared as you can see in her picture! But she is happy to be with her family and feline friends.

Click here to sponsor Libby
Sponsor Jazz
Jazz was found in Bloomfield a very sickly 6 month old kitten. Our vet did not think he would make it. With a lot of nursing care and great company from his furry friends, Jazz recovered and grew into a very healthy kitty! He is now a young adult, he has a unique personality and can be somewhat aloof but he is a wonderful kitty deserving of a sponsor.

Click here to sponsor Jazz
Mick has been a resident since 2007 and he is a wonderful kitty.
He and he sister were both distemper survivers. Mick came to us when his owner had a baby and had to move. She promised she would come back from him and his sister one day. That day never came.

Click here to sponsor Mick
Reema is a long term APW resident. She is a sweet friendly kitty but doesn't really like to be held and is very comfortable in her environment. She would highly benefit from having a special someone to sponsor her. Could that be you?

Click here to sponsor Reema
Rocky 2 is a long time sanctuary resident he was found in Bloomfield. He remains a feral but has been healthy and happy amongst his feline friends.

Click here to sponsor Rocky 2
Mini Sonic
Mini Sonic was from a litter of kittens found behind Sonic on Route 46. Unfortunately the kittens remained feral and we were unable to place them. Mini Sonic, along with her siblings settled into A Purrfect World. She will interact with volunteers with toys and especially at feeding time but remains unadoptable.

Click here to sponsor Mini Sonic

If would prefer to contribute a different amount monthly, please email us at and we will create a special subsciption for you or you can also make a one time donation, just click the button to the right!

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Thank you!